Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21st - Look what I found!

This is what I saw at school today:

So, of course I had to stop to take pictures:

I mean, look how many flowers there were! And this is only one tiny part of what was there!

I found a red one among all the yellow:

There were some tiny purple ones, too. They're hard to see among all the vast yellow-ness! I thought it was so pretty, I just had to share it! :)


Andromeda5000 said...

I especially like the first photo. It makes the flowers look really tall and proud. And well done for spotting the red flower - the dof's great.

cridley said...

These are absolutely gorgeous phroggy! I LOVE them! Great composition, colors, fun, crisp....need I go on??? ok, I will.
When everybody else is experiencing bring us spring! Thank you!

Isabella2006 said...

A lovely sunny bright flower, how sweet of you to include where they were and the extra pics make it feel like we are there seeing them all.
Wonderful DoF and so sharp it looks surreal.

mrnelson said...

Amazingly pretty to see that blanket of bright yellow. Sevral great pictures there. Nice work.

LMorrow57 said...

oh Kathy....these are lovely, I especially love the first one with the backs of the flowers...such a different point of view.

givmemo said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the first shot! It was nice to see flowers are growing somewhere else in the world. Everything is so dreary here.