Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14th - My Puppers!


Both of them



Here are some shots of my dogs, Nitro and Coalette. The running gag around here is that if I had thought of it at the time, she would have been named Glycerine. :P

Oh, and they're mutts. Border Collie mixes. Their mom was a tiny, 15 pound dog that looked like a cross between a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua - all browns and blacks. Very strange.

The dad was supposedly the American Eskimo that lived in the same house, but we saw a Border Collie trotting around the neighborhood, and the owner of our puppies mom claimed her dog never left the yard, and the Collie never came over. She had no fence.

To that I say, "Yeah, right." They're Border Collie mixes. American Eskimo dogs are pure white, and their color is a dominate trait! There's no way! Besides, I like Border Collies. Lol!



I agree....definitely border collie mixes. Eskimos have more pointed faces. Not to mention the white. They're cute!

Andromeda5000 said...

They look like they keep each other company.

kimbomac said...

They certainly look Collie-like. Cute dogs!