Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28th - Beginner Ballerinas

Beginner Ballerinas:

I made it into a watercolor, partly to hide the identity of those in the picture, and partly because it was just asking me to do so. I adjusted one girls foot that wasn't in exactly the right position, and added a skirt onto another for continuity.

Bonus shots:
This tripped me out. I was walking down the sidewalk, and saw the word, "tree" spray painted here. I'm wondering if the city is planning on putting a tree there, or if someone thinks there should be a tree there and is making a suggestion? So strange...

This is one my child took, of a lamp. I cropped it, adjusted the levels, and put a thin border on it. I think it turned out rather well.

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Andromeda5000 said...

I think you did well with the adjustments to the first shot. Yes, it does lend itself very well to watercolour.

That tree thing is very curious indeed. I'd be interested to know the outcome if one turns up :-)

The lamp is very abtracty. Nice crop.