Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th - George Carlin

I was on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, today. For about ten minutes! I saw Georges star, and couldn't NOT take a picture of it! :) I got a picture of every name I recognized for the two blocks I was there, but this is the one I wanted to share, since he is so recently departed. :(

I'm home again, now. My camera is still broken. The focus lock works sporadically, and there are only two focus options, instead of the four I'm supposed to have, which is a new problem, today. I fear I will be without a camera soon. At least it made it through the month. I will be forced to use my old 3.3 mp point and shoot. :( I'm very depressed.

However, I made it through the thirty days!!!!! Tomorrow will have a picture, and probably so will many more days after that, because this was great fun! I just wish I had a decent camera to continue with! Oh, well. :P

Thanks for the challenge, everyone! :D


Andromeda5000 said...

WELL DONE on the 30 days. :-)

Nice star. Lovely crop.

YMS said...

Pity about your camera...

Congratulation on 30 Days of photos!

Pretty special to be on the walk of fame, and to get this shot.

kimbomac said...

I really feel for you if you lose your camera. I would be at a complete loss without mine!

But that's sad stuff. The good stuff is that you completed the whole 30 days and completed it well. Congratulations on lasting the distance and creating such a lovely body of work for us all to see. Very well done.

Great photo to round it out!

Anmatta said...

Congrats on lasting the entire month. Too bad about your camera, I hope you can get it fixed.
Great picture to finish the month with; George Carlin was a genius in my opinion. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind and it is sad he passed away.

theicebunny said...

I have enjoyed looking through all your shots, you are quite skilled as it shows in your gallery. I wish I had the time to comment more often but know that I did look each and every day and I'll keep comming back every now and then to see what else comes from your random focal points. I hope that makes sense my mind is a little random too LOL