Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31st - A New Beginning

I know that, technically, this was a thirty day challenge, but my OCD-like traits wouldn't let me finish yesterday. So, I'm finishing today with a New Beginning.

This is an amaryllis bulb, sprouting out of the ground. I thought they had finished for the year, since they hadn't sprouted in a few months, so I transplanted sunflowers over the bulbs (the green peeking out from behind the red shoot), so hopefully they won't interfere with each other too much. In a few days, I'm gonna have pretty flowers! :)

Good news! I followed some troubleshooting directions in my camera's manual, and it seems to have worked! Keep your fingers crossed for me that my camera keeps working! :) LOL

Thanks all, for the wonderful comments, it was a real gift you gave me! I wish I could have returned the favor, but I'm not very good at that, I'm afraid. I really appreciated the kind remarks. Thank you all very much!

I'm looking forward to another photo challenge, and plan on continuing this photo blog, so stay tuned! :) I probably won't post every single day, but a couple of times a week is my goal!


Phildo said...

Perfect shot and theme for a 31 day bonus shot. Congrats on going the distance! :)

kimbomac said...

Fabulous shot for an ending piece. The colour looks amazing.

Thanks for the bonus and congrats on completing the whole thing. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Andromeda5000 said...

A great shot to end on :-)

Looking back through your blog I think my favourite picture is day 26 followed by day 29 and 28.

YMS said...

Thank goodness your camera is okay!

Very nice Day 31 shot, and you have the bloom to look forward to!

Whalelight said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge and actually continuing to post. I'll be looking in here once in a while and I'll also be posting sometimes in my blog. Hard to let go of a great habit :)