Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14th - Colton Hall

This is Colton Hall, on Pacific St. in Monterey. According to the sign out front, "California's Constitutional Convention was held in this newly completed building between September 1st, and October 13th, 1849, leading to California becoming the 31st state."


cridley said...

Look at the little bears playing!

Andromeda5000 said...

What a grand building! and very nicely composed - and including the bears is a nice touch.

Isabella2006 said...

I really like the way you have composed this photo, the framing with the tree adds a lovely touch.
The building itself looks sturdy and strong with all those stone bricks, and yet with the soft pink in the sky plus in a few of the windows it has softened it up.

mrnelson said...

Really nice shot. Great looking building.

Anonymous said...

Old building are always a great subject to shoot. This one is other fantastic image in your gallery.
I love the bears and (if they were a little lower) I would like to shoot too, to my collection :-)
Congrats on other stuning image.

LMorrow57 said...

Hey statues for me...I'll be right over!
Seriously, the off to the side viewpoint is really nice and the statuary is a bit of icing on the cake

kimbomac said...

And great big bears on the lawn!?!?

Great shot of a lovely old building and it's lovely how you have shot it from the side to add depth and dimension. Nice job.