Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16th - Planter Boxes

Here are the planter boxes, for those who wanted to see the finished product. My hubby is more into function than form, but I'm very pleased with them! I haven't transplanted all the plants, yet, but I'll finish that up tomorrow. I bought a jasmine plant today (yay!), so I may take pictures of that tomorrow, I'm not sure.

In this photo, you can see why I needed the planters. The gray brick covering the yard runs the entire length of the yard, and we don't have much of a backyard to speak of (it's only a 6 ft wide strip of cement!). In the back you see the brick border with the tiny strip of dirt up against the house, that is the only other place I can plant anything, and it's just not big enough for much. I've got a rose, a jade plant, a fuchsia gooseberry (that's the one you can see, tons of thorns but the flowers are so pretty!), and a cactus in there. There's also some amaryllis bulbs, but they're dormant right now. There's room for more, but it's full of sand, which isn't good to plant in, and it's very narrow. I may do something about the soil problem soon, but now that the planters are in front of it, it will need shade loving plants. Then, if I move the planters in the future, I'd have to move all of those plants, too. Ugh. I put a hyacinth in the planter box in the foreground for now along with a fuchsia. My neighbor gave me cuttings from hers, and I think they'll be happy there. At least for a while. :)

I'm rambling today, so I'll stop now. :) Here's the obligatory: "I'm growing food!"


Andromeda5000 said...

Thank you for obliging. Nice to see the outsome. :-)

kimbomac said...

Those look like they will do a very good job for you! Nice work.

buffmufin said...

Nice planters! My husband decided to put our giant planter box that he built on wheels so we can roll it around, which comes in handy sometimes! But, we only have one, and you have a whole farm!

Capriccio said...

Those are great! I love that clean, streamlined look. It reminds me of something you'd see at Ikea.

Can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful new plants!

Rhiannonsmommy said...

Hey I need to have boxes like this. This is fantastic.