Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18th - Bean blossom

This is the blossom that is currently on my mystery bean. I call it a mystery bean, because it is from a bag of soup mix that I sprouted for another photo purpose (jelly bean sprout), but we planted this one and still don't know what kind of bean we'll get from it. I actually have four of these bean sprouts growing, and six pea plants, all from the soup mix. I think this one is a pinto bean.

Anyway, I just thought the delicate little flower was so pretty and wanted to share it, plus I'm playing with the borders again, and I really like this one. I know it's a bit similar to yesterday's, but apparently I really like green! :)

I also like how it resembles a snapdragon.

Please leave comments, I am loving that part of this challenge! ;)


Andromeda5000 said...

Another nice border. Very complementary. I like the soft feeling the photo gives off.

kimbomac said...

What a lovely soft little blossom. I find the heavy border perhaps a bit much for that tiny delicate thing, although the colours look nice. That whole growing fresh produce thing is admirable! Very nicely done!

YMS said...

Beautiful enough to be a regular garden flower!

Phildo said...

It really does resemble a snapdragon, very nice shot. You're gonna have to figure out what kind of bean it really is.

buffmufin said...

It's a very interesting blossom. The border treatment is nice, but instead of a summer feel, to me it evokes a wintry flower. Not that there's anything wrong with winter flowers. ;)